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Henry A. Harbuck, Ph.D., Th.D.
General President

Dr. Henry Harbuck serves on the International Executive Presbytery Board as President that presides over the affairs the PCAI & AEGA Fellowship. He was born in 1941 in the lowlands of Georgia to farmers who taught him the value of hard work. God called him at the early age of 17 to ministry. Upon finishing high school he attended Bible College and later enlisted in the army where he served in S. Korea for three years.

Although he had felt the call of God on his life at a young age, it was not until he was in his early twenties that he began to understand discipleship. Committing himself to be a disciple for the Lord, he gained valuable knowledge and experience by working under the leadership and guidance of several pastors for over 20 years. During these years he met and married his lovely wife, Jan, who also was called to ministry at a young age and they began to work together in ministry.

Dr. Harbuck served as youth minister, prison minister, evangelism director, nursing homeminister, counselor, cleaning the church and whatever he was asked to do. By the time he reached his mid 30’s, he had earned a Ph.D. in Psycho-therapy & Counseling and opened the first Christian Counseling Center in Monroe, Louisiana. He later earned a doctorate degree in Theology and co-founded Evangel Christian University and Omega Bible Institute & Seminary in the late 70’s. In 1988, after years of seeking God about afellowship, he met and prayed alongside several other mature men of God about the matter. Seeing the need for “truth & accountability in the ministry,” their prayer was for a fellowship that would provide and spiritual, accountable and legal covering for independent ministers, ministries and churches. From this meeting came the formation of the AEGA Ministries International www.aega.org  (Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies – which was a local ministerial & church fellowship since 1976 under the name Christian Ministries) that now has members in 40 countries and networks in over 70 nations around the world! The sister group "Paragon Christian Alliance International, Inc." which charters non-church ministries. Dr. Harbuck is an author, teacher, pastor, conference speaker, educator, certified naturopathic physician, and an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is in the process of authoring a new bible entitled “The New Millenion Study Bible” which he desires your prayer to complete this work for the glory of God.…….The Harbucks have a daughter Tanya, son Jeremy and two wonderful grandchildren, Jimmy and Cassey.


Jan Harbuck, Ph.D.

Dr. Jan Harbuck is the Vice-president of the ministry. She serves as the International President of the Women For Christ Department having chapters in the US and around the world. Jan is a minister of music, songwriter, recording artist, conference speaker and an ordained minister. She has directed choirs and taught music (piano, organ, accordion & voice) in the past years. However, now she is the full-time office manager of the ministry headquarters in Monroe. She works mainly with ministries and churches to help them get their ministries legally set in order by processing their state and federal paperwork and helping them develop proper by-laws that govern their ministry. Jan holds a Master Degree in Music and Business Administration and a Doctorate in Church Law & Administration.

When able to travel with her husband, Dr. Henry Harbuck/president & general overseer, she speaks, conducts Church Law workshops, and ministers in song across the US and other countries. She has no doubt God called her as a small child to serve him and counts it an honor to be a bond-servant of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ.


Charles Henderson, D.D, Litt.D., D.R.P
General Secretary

Dr. Henderson has been in Christian ministry for over 50 years. As Director of Foreign Affairs, he speaks regularly in the U.S. and other countries conducting conferences. Dr. Henderson serves as the General Secretary. He is highly respected for his boldness and wisdom in church matters. God has mightily used Bishop Henderson as a pastor, evangelist and prophet throughout his tenure in ministry. He flows in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and you will be blessed by his ministry. Bishop Henderson resides in Los Angeles, California with his lovely wife, Rosie, and daughter, Tiffany.


Jesse Guerrero, D.D.
General Treasurer

Dr.  Guerrero is the pastor of United Christians House of Prayer in Austin, Texas which he founded more than 30 years ago. With strong influence in the Latino community, he successfully molded several Latino congregations into one unified body of believers. He currently serves as the Director of the Latino Churches. And as for his preaching...if you’ve never heard “Bro Jesse” (as he is affectionately referred to), you’ve really missed a blessing! He’s the only person we know who can preach one sentence in English, then one in Spanish - and never lose his train of thought! God has a great anointing on his life and ministry. We are honored to have Bishop Guerrero as an Executive Board member and Presiding Bishop. He is the General Treasurer on the board. God has blessed him with a wonderful and dedicated wife, Rev. Sandra as well as children and grandchildren.

Elizabeth Foy, D.D.
Executive Director

Dr. Elizabeth Foy is an ordained minister, author and conference speaker. Her husband, Rev. Ray Foy is also an ordained minister and together they minister through their ministry called “Highway & Hedges.” She has had the unusual honor of being the only female chaplain of motorcycle clubs in the southeast United States in recent years. She is one of the founders of Kairos Outside of Louisiana, which ministers to the loved ones of incarcerated people. Those who know her realize that incarcerated boys have become her heart. Along with her husband, she ministers in prisons and at biker rallies, in addition to speaking at women’s conferences. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity Degree. Her unique “sweet anointing” comes across as she ministers that keeps congregations fixed on her every word. Dr. Foy left a career as an insurance and now uses her knowledge of insurance helping ministries and churches acquire the proper insurance.  Elizabeth has two sons and a beautiful granddaughter, Brooke, who cannot wait to grow up and minister with her grandmother.


Rev. Dr. Jack Ernest, OH
Rev. Dr. Michael Atunrase, PA
Rev. Dr. Gerald Reliford, KY
Rev. Dr. Ray Foy, LA
Rev. Dr. Lynn Burling, TX
Rev. Dr. Won Nam Kim, S. Korea
Rev. Dr. Daniel O. C. Agomoh, Singapore
Rev. Dr. Rak Geddam, India
Rev. Dr. Jerry Pecsoy, Philippines
Rev. Dr. Sung Tae Lee, S. Korea




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