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We are PARAGON CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL, INC. - originally organized and chartered in 1976 under the name "Christian Ministries" -  a local non-denominational religious organization in Monroe, Louisiana. In 1988, Dr. Henry Harbuck and a leadership group with over forty years of ministry experience, met to discuss a fresh vision for soul winning, evangelism, church planting, missions, and Christian education.  During this meeting they expanded the organization nationally and internationally. Later the name was changed to better express the vision and purpose of the ministry. 


PCAI provides certified membership for qualified applicants (both men and women), and offers the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status under our group exemption to various types religious based ministries.  We can do in 30 days what would take one to three years if you acted alone in obtaining your 501(c)(3) status directly from the IRS. What a great benefit! You can remain independent...yet connected. Being a fellowship, we differ from a denominational structure.  As such, we adhere to and believe that your Christian nonprofit organizations should operate autonomously. Therefore, all property and assets are held in the name of your ministry. 



Already obtained your 501(c)(3)? We offer an affiliation program for ministries for the purpose of fellowship and networking.

One of the primary missions of PCAI is fulfilled through its educational divisions - Omega Bible Institute & Seminary and Evangel Christian University of America - training hundreds of indigenous ministers and those wanting to learn more about the Bible in many countries and in the USA. Students from numerous denominations enroll in a par excellence study program to earn a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree.  When you become a member of PCAI, you become part of the vision to educate laymen and ministers around the globe for the glory of God.

A ministry TO and FOR ministry professionals, PCAI is committed to helping individuals like YOU move forward in the work HE has called you to. Our General Executive Board & Leaders have many years of experience and stand ready to pray for you and assist you in the expansion of your ministry. They are also available to you in times of need and in your personal spiritual growth. 


Our calling and purpose is to …Serve, Equip and Assist You in Fulfilling
Your God-Given Call







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